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Coaching Your Employees On Finishing Strong as They Retire

Baby boomers are beginning to retire in large numbers. AARP says that 10,000 people are retiring from work daily. Most companies have no formal program to aid these employees in this final transition. Although we often have extensive onboarding programs, little to nothing is done when an employee is ending their career except a goodbye party.

Upcoming retirement for many people means coasting until the day they are done. Dave was a senior level manager and he announced his retirement one year in advance. Problem was that Dave then became retired on the job. He stop innovating. He stopped green lighting new ideas. He avoid conflict by ignoring problems. He no longer aggressively led his team. Dave had been very successful in his career but he ended so poorly that was how everyone remembered him. His team suffered a morale problem because they felt they were stuck until Dave left his position. That is a company problem. You want the retiring employee to end strong at your company. Instead of letting the employee coast and drain the company coffers, there are some key things HR can do to support the retiring person to end their career in the best way possible fully contributing up until the last day.

Some key strategies include:

Final days may be a bittersweet time for employees to say goodbye to their co-workers, friends and the company itself. Having a supportive sendoff is a great policy to ensure everyone leaves on a positive note and will speak highly of your organization after their departure.

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