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“Robin Ryan is America’s Top Job Search Expert.” – Boston Globe


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For grads and parents, the difference between career counseling and Job Search Coaching is this: Career Coaching helps you decide your career direction. Job Search Coaching helps you land the job.

Robin requires a brief conversation BEFORE she schedules any new grad for counseling. She will determine exactly where you are in the process of launching your career and how she can best help you.


There are two programs available:

Program #1 If you know what kind of job you want, but need guidance to navigate the complexities of the job search process Robin will teach you the most effective job search tactics that will enable you to land the job you want. Robin finds that many new grads say that their resume is not getting calls for interviews, then your resume probably needs a tweaking – and maybe an overhaul. Robin will write your resume to emphasis your strengths and skills to enable you to interest an employer. She’ll work with you to create a list of employers to target and she’ll coach you on interviewing skills.

This session lasts 2.5 hours and is $550.

(Additional time is required for these extra services. cover letter - $150; development of LinkedIn Profile $150).


"Robin Ryan is America’s foremost authority on job search and hiring." –Kansas City Star


Program #2 If you’re not sure what you want to do with your major or degree, you need a high level of guidance on how to launch your career and navigate the job search process. The first session is to determine your career direction and this make take two sessions. Robin has developed, The Ideal Change Workbook that will that will be the foundation of your counseling sessions. To achieve the goal of a satisfying career change you need someone to assist you in assessing what you’re good at, what you like, who understands the world of work and then help you make better career decisions. Robin will review your key strengths and offer career directions and insights as you two explore your options. You’ll discover which fields, jobs, and industries would be best for you and what education and job hunting strategies are needed to pursue those careers.


You will have two or three coaching sessions. You and Robin will agree that after session 1, that session 2 will be spent on more career counseling to fine-tune your career decision making, OR session 2 will focus on the job search process now that you identified the career you plan to go after. Knowing your job target is the KEY to your career launch success. In session 2, Robin will create your resume and cover letter will be reviewed and critiqued so that you can make appropriate changes. Additionally, you will have email and phone access to your career coach between sessions.

Session 1 - 2 hours

Cost $400.00

Session 2 – Continuing with more Career Counseling lasts 2 hours

Cost: $400


Session 2 – Job Search Coaching with Resume + Interviewing - 2.5 hours

Cost: $550   (Additional time is required for these extra services. cover letter - $150; development of LinkedIn Profile $150).

ALL Sessions are recorded for you convenience and later review


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"Robin Ryan has done a superb job in assisting others in their search for employment." ---Jay Brubaker, HR Recruiter


“Robin Ryan is America’s top Career Counselor.” – Houston Chronicle


“Robin Ryan has the inside track on how to get hired.” – ABC NEWS