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“Robin Ryan is America’s top job search expert.” – CBS Radio

Partner with Robin so you will find – and land -- your ideal new job. The author of seven books, each one is filled with success stories of clients just like you that she worked with and they achieved landing the new job – at a higher salary too. 

Robin’s session are recorded so you can replay her advice. She can “share her computer screen” to teach you exactly how to find the best opportunities. She’ll help you tap into the hidden job market, write a resume that open doors, and create a LinkedIn profile so recruiters will start contacting you.

Here’s how we can work together so you land the job you really want.

“Robin Ryan is America’s Top Career Expert.” --Los Angeles Times


I Write Resumes That Get Interviews

Resume Writing: I’ve written over 5,000 resumes in my working career. The key skill I have is knowing what employers want to see and how to draw out your talents and accomplishments. So you get employers’ attention. Sounds easy – believe me it’s not. In addition, I know the important key words that must be in your resume. I put all my learned insight and effort into creating your new resume or guiding you if you are taking notes when we talk and you are writing it yourself. 


My interview Prepping Session is unlike anything you’ve done before. I’ve worked with hundreds of individuals just like you that want that job. My coaching and hiring insight has shifted the odds into the candidate’s favor. I know so many insiders in companies and industries which adds to the prep you’ll receive. I want us both to know that when you will walk in for the actual interview you are confident, prepared and ready to show the employer they are the correct person for the job. 


My Recommendation:  All my job search programs, resume samples, cover letters, and interview strategies and techniques are well documented in my seven books and have been market tested by my former clients with tremendous success. I recommend you read one of my books before you call me. Then, you’ll know my style, how I think and work. You’ll feel comfortable and know I’m the right career counselor to advise you.


My Typical clients: Having worked with over one thousand individuals from almost all fields and industries including: executives, professionals, MBAs, executive directors, managers, doctors, lawyers, accountants, IT professionals, middle management, those re-entering the workforce, career changers and new college grads – I have a broad background to guide you in reaching your goals more quickly.

“Robin Ryan has the inside track on how to get hired.”– ABC News

Does Robin have experience in MY industry? The answer is almost always YES. I am not able to offer a free intro session. You can call my assistant who has been with me for years and you can discuss your situation. She can answer your questions about my services and set an appointment so we can begin to work together on advancing your career and achieving your goals more quickly.


No matter where you live I can help you through telephone consultations, video and audio playbacks, or using Skype.We can record the sessions which can be helpful, as you can play it back whenever you need it. 


Availability: My assistant can discuss with you times and options for an appointment. I’m available Monday through Friday.

Robin’s Job Hunting Services are tax deductible. Find details at:

Robin’s guidance really helps people accelerate their success."-- KIRO Business Radio

“Robin Ryan has been called America's top career coach by many, because time and again her advice has aided many in landing the job.”  --Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

What Robin's Clients Say:

  • “My dream job called after I mailed my first cover letter and resume. I landed the job and owe it all to Robin Ryan’s effective techniques.” – Marianne Jones, Program Manager

  • “Robin’s coaching allowed me to stop dreaming about landing an excellent job and actually do it.” – Gilberto Rodriguez, Marketing Manager

  • “Thanks to Robin Ryan I entered my final interview confident, poised, focused and PREPARED. Needless to say, I got the job!” -- Joyce Papke, City Manager

  • “I read the new resume you developed for me and your expertise and insight transformed it from basic to wow! You are THE resume magician.” --Kim Brackett, Nonprofit CEO

  • “ It was most definitely Robin’s guidance and encouragement that propelled me to obtain this terrific new job promotion.” — Kim Chung-Lane, Project Manager

  • “The changes Robin made to improve my LinkedIn profile upped my views to by over 30%. The results are a great improvement because now I’m getting calls for interviews, and before I’d gotten none.” --Michael Stevenson, Director

  • “I was floundering in my job search until I hired Robin and she helped me create a resume that got me the interviews I wanted. She provided top-notch interview consulting that got me hired with a significant salary increase. I couldn’t be more pleased and highly recommend her to any executive looking to improve their career.” --Janice Maitissen, corporate general counsel

  • Thank you for all the help you provided with my resume and the counsel you gave. I had about a 70% hit rate in getting interviews and just accepted a new job. The money is considerably better and it is a positive career move as well.” -- Ray Rose, Senior Human Resource Manager

  • “I landed the perfect job for me and Robin’s interview coaching had everything to do with it.” --- Rick Thompson, Director of Curriculum and Instruction

  • Interview Coaching
  • Robin’s book 60 Seconds + You’re Hired! is a Wall Street Journal #1 bestseller. After she appeared on Oprah with this book, which established Robin Ryan as America’s top authority on job interviewing. This session will cover: developing answers to potential questions; roleplaying; hiring insights; customization of your 60 Second Sell + 5 Point Agenda plus strategic guidance on handling salary issues to maximize your future income.
  • Option 1: 90 minutes consultation via telephone via SKYPE or recorded. – fee $365
  • Option 2: In-person Session: 2 hour consultation, location is Redmond WA – fee $550
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  • LinkedIn Profile Makeover
  • It's time to transform your under performing LinkedIn profile into a POWERFUL career tool that spotlights your skills, experiences AND impresses recruiters. You are missing opportunities and networking potential each and every day that your LinkedIn profile remains a skeleton of what you have to offer. And your resume most definitely is not what you should advertise on LinkedIn. Let Robin use her expertise and write your profile so you will standout and achieve your goals.
  • Session: 90 minutes consultation via telephone. Robin goes online and writes your profile with you. – fee $365
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  • Job Search
  • Robin will help you identify your career goals, and teach you the most effective ways to reach them and make a successful transition. She can help you enter the hidden job market and identify good companies you should target. If you want career or job search guidance to advance your career, a session with Robin will put you on the right track.
  • 90 minute telephone consultation – fee $365
  • 2 Hour In-Person in Redmond WA $550.00
  • Get Started
  • Salary Negotiations
  • Clients working with Robin end up with thousands of more dollars in their new paycheck by following her strategic advice. Don’t leave money on the table that an employer was willing to pay you. This session will enable you to obtain more perks like a better relocation package and more vacation.
  • Session. 60 minutes consultation via telephone, via SKYPE or recorded. – fee $365
  • Get Started
  • Career Change or Re-Entry Coaching
  • Robin can help you explore your best options and will provide an action plan to aid you in making better career decisions so you can get focused and get to work on starting that new career – sooner instead of later.
  • 90 minutes consultation via telephone via SKYPE or recorded. – fee $365
  • or 2 hour consultation, location is Redmond WA - fee $550.00
  • Get Started
  • Resume Writing
  • Robin Writes Resumes that get Interviews. The San Francisco Chronicle selected Robin’s Winning Resume and her Winning Cover Letter books as the top career books of the year. Her books are full of her client success stories. Robin’s writing strength is that she knows what employers want to see. She’ll identify for you the keywords to get through the electronic filters so your resume will pop up when an employer is doing a search. She’ll transform your resume so that it highlights your best accomplishments and skills. As so many of her clients say, “It immediately open employers’ doors.” The resume consultation session involves a lengthy telephone consultation lasting approximately three hours with you. Then Robin will complete writing your new resume and emails it to you on the same day as your appointment. You will have time to review it and then she will make any final changes or additions so you can immediately use this resume to start getting employers to call you in for interviews.
  • Options 1: approximately 3 hour telephone consultation – fee $1050 ($1250 with one cover letter)
  • Add Linkedin Profile Makeover $1250 with LinkedIn profile makeover)
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  • Resume Critique
  • Want an expert opinion on your resume? Work directly with Robin as she analyzes your resume to make essential improvements to get you noticed. With her help you eliminate mistakes that can torpedo your success. In this session, Robin offer insights, key phrases and specific guidance but no writing – you make the changes and do all the typing during your consultation with her.
  • 90 minutes consultation via telephone that can be  recorded. – fee $365
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  • Want help landing a high paying job more quickly? Contact Robin today to get started!

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