“Robin Ryan is America’s top job search expert.” – CBS Radio

Partner with Robin so you will find – and land – your ideal new job. The author of eight books, each one is filled with success stories of clients just like you that she worked with who secured a new job – at a higher salary too.

Who is Robin?

A career counselor with a Master’s Degree, I have a strong background in business with 30 years of hiring experience. I have extensive relationships with seniors HR folks, recruiters and hiring executives and I’m usually talking to someone involved with hiring daily. Those experiences have given me an insider view few ever have. I’ve have worked with hundreds of clients helping them land new jobs (and promotions). I’ve assisted so many individuals in obtaining much higher salaries than they ever thought they would get.

Why Hire Robin as Your Career Counselor?

I started my career counseling practice because I was really good at interview coaching and resume writing. I had done these tasks as part of my job when I was at the University of Washington. My students landed great jobs and I just loved the work because I was making an important difference in a person’s life. Fast forward twenty years later and I still love what I do. That is why I continue working one-on-one with individuals just like you. My clients are either currently employed, laid off, or seeking to change careers. I’ve worked with hundreds and hundreds of individuals and you all want the same thing – a new position. I have acquired the expertise needed to ensure you succeed and reach your career goals. All my job search programs, strategies and techniques are well documented in my books and have been market tested with tremendous success. I recommend you read one of my books before you call me. Then, you’ll know my style, how I think and work. You’ll feel comfortable and know I’m the right career counselor to advise you.

Robin is the Career Counselor that Oprah, Dr Phil, NBC News, CNN, the Wall Street Journal and USA Today call on for job search advice. Robin will help you find – and LAND – a great job even in today’s competitive market! Robin is in sync with what employers want and she knows how to make you stand out and appeal to hiring managers.

How it Works

Robin’s session are recorded so you can replay her advice. She can “share her computer screen” to teach you exactly how to find the best opportunities. She’ll help you tap into the hidden job market, write a resume that open doors, and create a LinkedIn profile so recruiters will start contacting you. Robin will prepare you for your job interview so you’ll walk in the door confident with a hiring strategy and do your very best as you answer the tough questions. No matter where you live I can help you through telephone consultations, video and audio playbacks, or using Skype. We can record the sessions which can be helpful, as you can play it back whenever you need it.

“Robin, I checked out over a dozen career counselors like you before I picked you. I see you teach HR classes at national and regional conferences, and HR people select you as their career counselor. It’s your relationship with HR that’s what impressed me the most and made me choose you to work with. The Resume and LinkedIn profile you created opened doors for me. Your Interview coaching helped me seal the deal to land a terrific job.”
– Mike Rosiota, VP

Here’s how we can work together so you land the job you really want.

Interview Coaching

Robin’s book 60 Seconds and You’re Hired! is a Wall Street Journal #1 bestseller. After she appeared on Oprah with this book, Robin was established as America’s top authority on job interviewing.

Resume Writing

Robin writes resumes that get interviews. Robin’s writing strength is that she knows what employers want to see. She’ll transform your resume so that it highlights your best accomplishments and skills.

LinkedIn Makeover

You are missing opportunities and networking potential each and every day that your LinkedIn profile remains a skeleton of what you have to offer. Let Robin make your profile standout and achieve your goals.

Job Search

Learn the most effective ways to reach your goals and make a successful transition. Robin can help you enter the hidden job market and identify good companies you should

Salary Negotiations

Clients working with Robin end up with thousands of more dollars in their paycheck by following her strategic advice. Don’t leave money on the table that an employer was willing to pay you.

Career Change/Re-Entry Coaching

Robin can help you explore your best options and will provide an action plan to aid you in making better career decisions so you can get focused and get to work on starting that new career now.

Retirement Reinvention Coaching

Robin can help you avoid making numerous retirement mistakes so that your transition is easier and leads to a more enriched life. Let Robin help you create a meaningful retirement plan.

Client Praise

Get noticed by employers to secure your new job!

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