Why Partner with Robin for Career Coaching?

Robin’s Career Coaching Advantages

Robin Ryan career coaching.
With career coaching from Robin, you work only with her and you get immediate results.

Robin loves helping people land jobs and improve their lives. Whether it being career coaching one-on-one with her clients or speaking before audiences or publishing bestseller books, making a difference in helping people land a new job and advance their careers is what she’s dedicated her life to. Working with Robin you will feel her enthusiasm and desire to help you succeed in your career aspirations.

Robin stands apart from other career services providers, including those for resumes, LinkedIn Profiles, and interview preparation.  With Robin you get:

  • Unparalleled Qualifications: Robin has been called “America’s Top Career Expert” by the Los Angeles Times.  She has career coached over 8400 clients across industries and job types, with thousands of resumes and LinkedIn Profiles written that directly aided clients in landing a new job. Her interview preparation has enabled many clients to secure a job they surely would have lost without her coaching.  She is a bestselling author of multiple career books.  She has presented to live audiences over 1200 times and made over 3500 media appearances.  Her testimonials are endless.  Please see her Who is Robin? page to learn more.  
  • Only Robin:  You work and speak directly with Robin and only Robin.  Her approach is an in-depth consultation via phone or web conferencing that immediately leads to you getting the customized service you want.  No assistants or junior-level career coaches.  No lengthy forms to fill out and send in to be processed into a cookie-cutter resume or LinkedIn Profile at a later time.  You benefit directly from her unparalleled experience and her passion to see you succeed. You’ll enjoy your consultation with Robin.  
  • Fast results: Because of her wealth of experience, communication talents, and motivation to excel, Robin is very fast — she provides you with your new resume or LinkedIn Profile immediately after completion of your consultation.  She knows just what is needed, giving you a custom, substantive result that stands out from your competition.  Very few, if any, other services can offer such speed and quality. You keep your job search moving forward without interruption. In her interview coaching session, you walk away with improved answers, and more confidence to excel in the interview. 
  • One-stop coaching:  Many services are specialized — they will only help for just one aspect of a job search, maybe just for a resume or LinkedIn Profile.  With Robin’s depth of career counseling experience, she is the ideal career coach to guide you through all aspects of finding that next job — from online job searches to networking, to resumes, to cover letters, to LinkedIn, to interviews, and to salary negotiation.
  • Value:  Because of Robin’s ability to deliver very fast, high-quality results and her efficiency, you will find the cost of your investment in her services to be of outstanding value.  She will rapidly propel you with the tools and guidance you need to reach your career goals more quickly. 

“Robin Ryan is the most knowledgeable career expert in the nation today.” — PBS

Getting Started with Robin

To get started with Robin, she advises that you first review her Career Services pages to get details and pricing for Resume Writing, LinkedIn Profile Writing, Interview Coaching, Salary Negotiation, Job Search Coaching, or New College Graduates Program.

Your options for investing in Robin’s career coaching services range from $500 for Interview Preparation to a $1750 package for writing your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn Profile. 

To ensure Robin is a good fit for your career needs, she encourages you to speak with her.  She is always happy to do so at no cost.  The two of you can in a brief, few minutes call decide whether and how to move forward.

Call her directly at 425-226-0414 — leave a message if she is unavailable and she will get back to you as soon as she can.

Or fill out her contact form to set up a no-cost informational phone call.