Free E-Guide for Creating an Impressive LinkedIn Profile

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Free E-Guide for Creating an Impressive LinkedIn Profile
Robin’s free E-Guide for Creating an Impressive LinkedIn Profile will help get you noticed and discovered.

Your LinkedIn presence is so important to your personal brand, which guides how employers, colleagues, customers, and business associates perceive you.

Updated for 2022, Robin’s E-Guide outlines everything step-by-step that you need to do to develop a profile for making yourself stand out and get discovered on LinkedIn. 

Based on Robin’s most important LinkedIn articles originally published on her column, her E-Guide content includes:

  1. Is Your LinkedIn Profile Impressive? Take This Test to Find Out
  2. LinkedIn Photo Tips to Look Your Best
  3. Add a LinkedIn Background Photo to Distinguish Yourself
  4. How to Write a LinkedIn HEADLINE That Gets You Noticed
  5. Write a Powerful LinkedIn “About” Section (formerly called Summary)
  6. How To Write an Impressive LinkedIn Work Experience Section
  7. How to Complete the Skills & Endorsements
  8. How to Get Impressive LinkedIn Recommendations
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