Robin's Interview Coaching Prepares You to Excel

Good First Impressions are Critical

Interview Preparation
Robin coaches how to make the right first impression during an interview.

The COVID pandemic brought on big changes to the interview process. Most interviews are now conducted online making it harder to influence the employer. You will likely go through four to eight interviews before the employer makes a job offer.

Robin Ryan’s Interview Preparation coaches you to make a good impression, especially for your first impression.  

Do you know how to make a good impression in those first couple of minutes? Do you know how to present your skills effectively? Can you answer the tricky, situation, or salary questions you’ll get asked to stay in the running? Do you have good work examples to use when you get asked situation questions?

With a candidate having an 80% interview failure rate, are you willing to take your chances that you will do your best?

According to NBC News half of employers know within the first five minutes of an interview if a candidate is a good or bad fit for a position. Today too many people just go to the interview thinking they can land the job on their own only to have someone else get the position. Why take that risk?

“Robin Ryan is America’s foremost authority on job search and hiring.” — Kansas City Star

Get Coached by the Author Who Wrote a #1 Book on Interviewing

60 Seconds & You're Hired bestseller book
Robin wrote the book on interviewing — #1 Wall Street Journal bestselling “60 Seconds & You’re Hired.”

Robin is here to help you. She has been an interview coach for thousands of people over her career who went on to land the job they wanted. Robin’s job interviewing book, “60 Seconds & You’re Hired!”, is a Wall Street Journal #1 bestseller. After she appeared on the Oprah show discussing this book, Robin Ryan was established as America’s top authority on job interviewing.

Working together with Robin for your interview prep will dramatically improve your performance.

Robin has 30 years of direct hiring experience and has worked with hundreds of recruiters, HR directors, and hiring managers so she knows exactly how to help you impress them. In fact, she teaches HR folks job interviewing classes so they can learn from her how to land their own jobs.

Robin is here to help you! She will ensure that you are prepared to effectively sell yourself to the employer. She’ll teach you how to answer the hard questions and shape your answers so you can present yourself in the best possible way. Robin draws on her in-depth knowledge of hiring and insight into numerous organizations and industries to enable you to excel when you face the employer.

Since the session is recorded, you’ll be able to easily review Robin’s advice. She will teach you the persuasive interviewing skills you need to learn to land the job you want.

“Robin’s interview coaching made the difference between landing the job or losing it. I’m in a new role thanks to her.” — Matt G., Engineer

What Robin’s Interview Coaching Delivers

  • 60 second sell: Apply Robin’s trademarked interview techniques introduced in her #1 Wall Street Journal bestselling book – 60 Second Sell™ and 5 Point Agenda™ – to identify your top-selling points to make when you open the interview. 
  • Competition: Guidance and tips on how to stand out above other candidates you are competing against.
  • Answers:
    • Be prepared with the best ways to answer the most common interview questions. 
    • Develop effective answers to the hardest questions including behavioral, situational, salary, and technical questions.
    • Practice concise and to the point answers by roleplaying with Robin.
  • Open and close: Advise on the most effective ways to open and close your interview.
  • Mistakes: Identify your interview mistakes and then correct them. 
  • Salary: Gain strategic advice on handling salary issues to maximize your future income. 
  • Confidence: Gain the confidence you need to excel through an engaging and comprehensive preparation session.
  • Improve Your interview presence. Recruiters, HR, and hiring managers need to react to you online in a positive way. And yet so many complain about the fatal mistakes too many candidates are making in online interviews now. Robin will guide you with feedback and proven strategies, so you impress and not turn off the employer.

“No one knows more about job interviewing and landing a high paying job than Robin Ryan, that is why I worked with her to secure this new position.” — Jennifer B., Head of HR

Interview Coaching Across Jobs and Industries


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“Thanks to Robin Ryan I entered my interview confident, poised, focused and PREPARED. Needless to say, I got the job!” — Joyce P., City Manager

What Clients Say

“I have now been at my new job for six weeks and love what I do every day. Robin, I just want to thank you again from the bottom of my heart for your help on Interviewing and Salary Negotiations. I’d never have landed this role if it weren’t for you.” — Don G., Healthcare Executive
“I had a few big interviews but was not selected for the job. I elected to work with Robin to change that outcome. Her counsel, strategy, role playing, and insight into hiring all aided me to improve my answers and correct my mistakes. As a result, I landed an ideal position.” — Kim I., Vice President
“Robin’s interview coaching and strategy session allowed me to move ahead of the pack and land an excellent position that I simply would not have gotten without her insight to assist me.” – Gilberto R., Global Marketing Manager
“The odds were against me that I’d land my dream job so I hired Robin to coach me. I credit her with enabling me to do my best and really take over the interview. The role-playing, the answers, her hiring strategy, and assistance with creating my 60 Second Sell all proved effective – I got the job! Robin’s coaching made this outcome possible – I highly recommend her.” — Catherine W., CEO
“I had been one of the final candidates a couple of times but didn’t get the job until I worked with Robin. She showed me the mistakes I’d made and helped me craft more effective answers to so many interview questions that the employer asked. Thanks to her I now have a fabulous new job that I just love!”— Ed R., Program Manager
“Robin aided me in highlighting exactly how I’d be the best one for the job. It worked, I received three offers in one week. I confidently recommend Robin to anyone who wants to LAND a better paying job”— Tom D., Project Manager
“Robin’s interview help enabled me to quickly land a great new job with a multi-thousand dollar salary increase.” — Mike S., Software Engineer
“I was a final candidate a couple of times but didn’t get the job until I worked with Robin.” — Lisa R., Accountant
“I thought I could breeze through the interview but when I didn’t get hired for several jobs I realized I needed help. I worked with Robin to coach me and as a result I got the job and the employer started me at the highest salary possible.” — Mark M., Pharmaceuticals Sales Rep
“Robin Ryan provided top-notch interview consulting that got me hired with a significant salary increase. I couldn’t be more pleased and highly recommend her.” — Janice M., Corporate General Counsel
“The pandemic made job hunting so competitive and hard. Robin’s interview coaching is directly responsible for me landing this great job.” — Kouske T., Finance Consultant
“I landed the perfect job for me and Robin’s interview coaching had everything to do with it.” — Rick T., Director of Curriculum and Instruction
“The very questions we practiced in our role-play were asked of me in my interview. I was prepared with good answers. I could not have gotten this position without the information and coaching I received from Robin.” — Jeanne M., Assistant Planning Director

“I achieved all of my career objectives with a new job that is a great fit, and a 25% salary increase, thanks to Robin’s encouragement and interview coaching.” — Julie Evans, Senior HR Director

Job Interview Coaching Pricing

Job Interview Coaching

$ 500
  • 2 Hour Online Session
  • Recording for your review