Media Appearances by Robin Ryan

When the media needs a career expert, they regularly call on Robin.  She has appeared on over 3200 TV and radio shows, including Oprah and Dr. Phil, and podcasts. 

Below is a selection of Robin’s appearances.  

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VIDEO: In this short excerpt from Robin’s appearance on Oprah, Robin shares a tip on successful interviewing.  

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VIDEO: In this brief excerpt from an appearance on Dr. Phil, Robin speaks to an audience member about helping her achieve her career aspirations. 

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VIDEO: In this media interview with WFAA TV in Dallas, Texas, Robin discusses how you can make yourself stand out to land your next job, especially in a tough hiring market.  

PODCAST: In this podcast interview, Robin discusses how to successfully job search at any time, and in particular during a pandemic.  Robin’s interview starts at 3:30 minutes of the podcast.  

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PODCAST: How to Standout in your Resume and on LinkedIn are the topics Robin discusses on this podcast with Diana O’Leary at Job Talk Weekly.

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VIDEO: Robin presents proven strategies to help you take charge of your interviews and best compete for the job you want.  

VIDEO: LinkedIn is a powerful tool for job search, whether you are an established professional or and a college student looking for their first big job. A key to LinkedIn success is your profile.  Robin overviews how to update and optimize it to stand out and get discovered.

VIDEO: Robin offers guidance to new and recent college graduates on how to be prepared for their next job interview.   

In this excerpt from Robin’s PBS series, Over 40 & Your Hired!, she offers tips on how to approach a job search for those over 40 years old.