LinkedIn Profiles that Lift Your Personal Brand

As Important as Your Resume

Robin writing a LinkedIn profile.
Robin has written over 2100 LinkedIn Profiles

Your LinkedIn Profile has become at least as important as your resume for opening career doors.

But, to be effective, your profile cannot just be a copy and paste of your resume or just a simple uncompleted profile.

Just as it can be so difficult to get started with a resume makeover and then doing it well, it can be equally tough with your LinkedIn Profile.

First your profile needs to be ready to be found.  94% of recruiters search for high-quality candidates like you on LinkedIn every day. Is your profile optimized so they will find you?  And if they do run across your LinkedIn Profile, will it impress them within seconds?

Second, when written strategically your profile is a big opportunity to engage with your audience in a way that builds your professional brand.  When done well, your  profile is an incredible asset to your professional and business development.

“Robin Ryan is the country’s leading career authority.” — NPR

Strategic and Optimized LinkedIn Profile Writing Services

Best LinkedIn Profile Writer
Robin is cited as a top LinkedIn Profile Writer

Robin Ryan has written over 2100 LinkedIn Profiles and is named as one of the Best LinkedIn Profile Writing services in 2021 by the Find My Profession website.  She has the proven experience to quickly write your LinkedIn Profile so you will stand out and be found.

She’s has been a LinkedIn Profile Writer for over ten years, has thirty years of direct hiring experience, and has interviewed thousands of decision makers, recruiters, CEOs, senior executives, HR directors, and hiring managers – anyone who makes hiring decisions.

Many of Robin’s clients were found by employers on LinkedIn with the recruiter reaching out to them – that’s the power of her expertise to get you noticed.

She draws upon her in-depth career and hiring knowledge to create for you a customized Profile that strategically markets your talents, skills, and accomplishments in a way that gets the attention of employers so that you will get discovered.

Personal Branding

Robin's book Soaring on Your Strengths
Robin wrote the book on personal branding — “Soaring on Your Strengths.”

Robin’s book, Soaring on Your Strengths, set the stage for how to brand yourself for career success.

She helps professionals, managers, executives, entrepreneurs, sales stars, business leaders and consultants create profiles that tell their personal story in a way that impresses recruiters, hiring managers, connections, and sales prospects.  Your profile positions you as an expert in your industry and markets you as someone to be noticed.

The result is that your personal brand is lifted, and the door is further opened for new career opportunities.

Optimized to be found

You need to ensure your LinkedIn profile is optimized so you will be found. When recruiters search for your skill set, you want to be sure they discover you and that your profile makes a strong impact, setting you apart from the competition.

Robin Ryan knows the exact keywords to optimize your profile so you can be found.

“Robin transformed my inadequate LinkedIn profile into a POWERFUL and IMPRESSIVE career tool that shines a spotlight on my skills, accomplishments, and experience in a most influential way.” — Diane K., General Counsel

The LinkedIn Profile Writing Consultation

Robin will begin your LinkedIn Profile consultation session by discussing your Personal Branding. She’ll outline how to best showcase your professional reputation to attract Recruiters, Hiring Managers and HR Professionals or clients if that’s your goal. She will advise you on the more effective ways to utilize LinkedIn as a networking tool.

Based on your career goals, accomplishments and successes, she’ll then write your LinkedIn profile to tell your unique professional story in a manner that engages your audience & compels them to reach out to learn more.

Robin will:

1. Develop the SEO & Keyword Optimization. She’ll create full optimization of your LinkedIn profile to ensure social networking success, career growth, and more recruiter visibility.

2. Create positive, effective Self-Marketing throughout your About. Robin will use the summary “about” section to share more about you to paint a better picture for recruiters to know you have the needed skills for the jobs they are seeking to hire for. She’ll describe the results you can offer, and what sets you apart from the competition. Here is where Robin really personalizes who you are and what you can do for an employer.

3. Immediate results – unlike almost all other writing services, your LinkedIn Profile is completed and posted by the end of your session. There is no waiting for your profile to go live. Robin makes all the changes, writes your new profile out online, so when you complete your one-time session with her, your LinkedIn Profile is completely updated and done, ready for connections and employers to come and be impressed by you.

“It was most definitely Robin’s guidance, resume and LinkedIn help that propelled me to obtain this terrific new job.” — Kim C., Project Manager

What Robin Includes for Your LinkedIn Profile

  • Resume: Review your current resume (if she does not write it)
  • Personal Branding: Develop your personal branding by highlighting your abilities and talents in the best possible way.
  • Keywords:   Optimize your LinkedIn Profile for important keywords for more search visibility with social networking, recruiters and Human Resource professionals. 
  • Self Marketing: Create positive, effective Self-Marketing statements throughout your Summary and Professional Experience by translating your skills and accomplishments into attention-getting statements. Personalize who you are and what you can do for an employer. The result is a powerful “why hire me” section that grabs the attention of employers.
  • Headline: Develop a compelling Headline for you.  
  • Background graphic: Add a professional and relevant background. 
  • Photograph: Offer strategic recommendations on your photograph to make it as effective as possible. 
  • Profile URL:  Customize profile to be as simple as possible while uniquely identifying your LinkedIn location.  
  • Profile Completeness: Ensure as complete as possible profile that is written to optimize your Personal Brand, including: 
    • Professional Work Experiences
    • Volunteer Experiences
    • Skills
    • Education
    • Honors and Awards
    • Languages spoken
    • Recommendations and endorsements from others
    • Contact information
  • Media additions: Advise and assist in including additional media such as photos, portfolios, publications, certifications, videos, and awards.
  • LinkedIn visibility: Guide you on how to raise your visibility within LinkedIn based on your profile and interests. 

“Your creation of My LinkedIn profile is getting me hits. I have been contacted by several recruiters and I just accepted an excellent new job… Robin’s skill in writing LinkedIn profiles is unsurpassed.” — Christine S., MBA, Senior Director of Hospital Operations

LinkedIn Profile Writing Across Jobs and Industries


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“I needed to impress recruiters and hiring managers, so I hired Robin to create my resume and LinkedIn profile, which led me to land a great new job.” — Jack H., VP Regional Sales

LinkedIn Profile Writing Reviews for Robin

“I engaged Robin to completely revise my LinkedIn profile. I have hired two other companies in the past to do the same previously however with poor results. The difference with Robin is her relevant technical knowledge of not only LinkedIn optimization and formatting but her vast knowledge of business in general. Robin’s intuition and coaching skills are in the top 1%. I will be recommending Robin’s services to all my clients going forward.” — Tim A., CEO

“As a professional communicator, I was continually impressed by your talent for finding the right words to describe my skills and experience and create a powerful personal brand. Your coaching was invaluable at each step of my job search, and I greatly appreciate your personal commitment to my success.” — Steven B., Director of Communications

“I’m embarrassed to say I was way behind on getting a LinkedIn Profile created. Once I realized it was a vital business tool, I worked with Robin whose expertise proved to be invaluable in allowing me to market my own expertise.” — Darlene C., Vice President

“I wasn’t getting any success until I had Robin write my Resume and LinkedIn profile. Then everything changed. Robin transformed my resume making my accomplishments standout impressing employers in a way I never could. Next she went on to write a LinkedIn Profile that got recruiters to contact me. I owe a great deal of gratitude to Robin in helping me land this terrific new job.” — John S., Director of Marketing

“My friend highly recommended Robin as I was having trouble creating my LinkedIn profile. It needed branding and to impress customers. She did an amazing job conveying my accomplishments and who I am. I very satisfied with the results.” — Ken S., Consultant

“Robin helped me write a better resume and she developed a LinkedIn Profile that got me noticed for jobs I wanted from companies I had only dreamed of working for. Thank you Robin!” — Amit K., Software Engineer

LinkedIn Profile Writing Options and Pricing

LinkedIn Profile

$ 500
  • 2 Hour Consultation with Robin
  • Profile completed and live on same day

LinkedIn + Resume

$ 1300
  • Consultation with Robin
  • LinkedIn Profile completed and live on same day
  • Resume received on same day

LinkedIn + Resume + Cover

$ 1450
  • Consultation with Robin
  • LinkedIn Profile completed and live on same day
  • Resume received on same day
  • Cover Letter received on same day