Career Coaching for New College Grads

Its a Tough Job Market

New College Grad
New College Grads are entering a tough job market.
New college graduates entered the worst job market in over a decade with higher competition and fewer job openings due to coronavirus. It’s likely to be a tough job market for a while after the coronavirus pandemic subsides. For many, it has caused them to rethink their career path. Over 70% of graduates do not have a job upon graduation. Recent studies show that 53% of recent college graduates are unemployed or underemployed. Now more than ever, new grads need professional help to get their careers launched.

“Robin Ryan is America’s top Career Counselor.” — Houston Chronicle

Robin is an Ideal Career Coach for New Grads

Career Coaching for New College Graduates
Robin has the ideal background to help recent grads start their careers.

Launching your career after you graduate is a big step in your life.

Robin is the ideal career coach for new grads. She was the former Director of Counseling Services at the University of Washington. She has helped hundreds of new grads launch their career and find the perfect job. She will help you make this key move without missteps or mistakes that can lead to a demoralizing start.

Partner with Robin to determine the correct career path for you and then get the Job Search, Resume, LinkedIn Profile, and Interview coaching assistance you need to land the job you want more quickly.

Dozens of Robin’s recent College clients were found by employers on LinkedIn with the recruiter reaching out to them – that’s the power of her expertise to get you noticed.

Robin has 30 years of direct hiring experience and has worked with hundreds of recruiters, HR directors, and hiring managers so she knows exactly how to help you impress them. In fact, she teaches HR folks job interviewing classes so they can learn from her how to land their own jobs.

Robin is here to help you! She will ensure that you are prepared to effectively sell yourself to an employer.

“I thrilled about my new job that I would have never gotten if it weren’t for all of Robin Ryan’s expert help.” — Eric D., Business Analyst

How Robin Works with New Grads

Robin requires a brief conversation BEFORE she schedules any new grad for counseling. She will determine exactly where you are in the process of launching your career and how she can best help you.

She is ready to provide Career Coaching to help you decide your career direction — and Job Search Coaching to help you land the job.

When you know what kind of job you want

You need guidance to navigate the complexities of the job search process and Robin will teach you the most effective job search tactics that will enable you to land the job you want.

Robin finds that many new grads say that their resume is not getting calls for interviews, which means that the resume is likely in need of an overhaul. Many college career centers are ineffective in helping students create an effective resume.

Robin will create a new resume to emphasize your strengths and skills to enable you to capture the interest of an employer. She will create a targeted, customized cover letter too.

LinkedIn is essential since so many recruiters are looking for new grads on it these days. Robin will develop your LinkedIn Profile and show you how to best use LinkedIn to get discovered and network with others.

She’ll work with you to create a list of employers to target.

Robin will prepare you for job interviews. She will coach you and role-play with you on how to answer tough questions to get you ready to convince an employer you are the person to hire.

“As a computer science major, my parents were shocked I ended college with no job offer. Then I worked with Robin and employers started calling me. Because of her assistance, I just launched my career with a top company. Thank you Robin!” — Kim M., Software Engineer 

Directional Program Option

If you’re not sure what you want to do with your major or degree, you need a high level of guidance on how to launch your career and navigate the job search process. This session is to determine your career direction and this may require an extra session depending on the student. Robin has developed The Ideal Career Workbook, which will be the foundation of your counseling sessions.

To achieve the goal of a satisfying career change you need someone to assist you in assessing what you’re good at, what you like, who understands the world of work and then guide you to make better career decisions.

Robin will review your key strengths and offer career directions and insights as you two explore your options. You’ll discover which fields, jobs, and industries would be best for you and what education and job hunting strategies are needed to pursue those careers.

“Robin’s coaching program allowed me to move ahead of the pack and land an excellent position that I could only have dreamed of getting without her help.” — Eric N., UX Designer

Career Coaching across Jobs and Industries


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“Robin’s resume, Cover Letter, LinkedIn profile and Interview help aided me in moving into my chosen field that I had no previous work experience in.” — Stephanie C., Environmental Scientist

What New Grads and College Students Say About Robin

“Five large employers called me off my LinkedIn profile that Robin created. Her resume got me the interview, and her interview coaching helped me get through the tough interviews to land a better job than I ever thought I’d find.” — Michael B., Tech Recruiter

“Thanks to you my accomplishments and skills are immediately apparent to employers reading my resume. You knew exactly what employers were looking for. I got this job because of your help.” — Emily A., MBA, Marketing Manager

“The resume and cover letter you helped me with got the interview I wanted. Thanks to your interviewing coaching, I was able to present my skills to the prospective employer and effectively answer the tough questions. As a result, I got the job.” — Andrew D., Communications Specialist

“It seemed that landing an internship with Amazon was simply a fantasy until I worked with Robin to create my Resume, LinkedIn and received her valuable interview coaching. I landed that internship being one of the rare few selected out of over 5000 applicants.” — Blair S., Intern at Amazon

“Robin’s resume opened doors to me that were previously closed. She helped me land a job with one of the nation’s top employers.” — Denice R., Accountant

“I searched for months and got no responses. Then, Robin stepped in. Her resume, LinkedIn profile and interview help are the reasons I landed this job” — Josh R., Marketing Coordinator

“The very questions Robin and I practiced in our role-play were asked of me in my interview. I was prepared with good answers. I could not have gotten this position without Robin’s insight and coaching.”— Daniel B., Engineer

“I was truly lost about what I wanted to do until I worked with Robin. Not only did she help me find the right career path, she is really responsible that I landed my first job.” — GH, Medical Sales Rep

New College Graduate Career Coaching Pricing

Platinum Program

Two sessions, approx. 5 to 6 hours
$ 1050
  • Resume Writing
  • Cover Letter
  • Job Search Coaching
  • LinkedIn Profile Writing
  • Interviewing
  • Video Conferencing Option
  • Session Recordings (Audio or Video)

Gold Program

Two sessions, approx. 4 hours
$ 850
  • Resume Writing
  • LinkedIn Profile Writing
  • Interviewing
  • Video Conferencing Option
  • Session Recordings (Audio or Video)

Silver Program

One session, approx. 2.5 hours
$ 550
  • Resume Writing
  • LinkedIn Profile Writing
  • Video Conferencing Option
  • Session Recordings (Audio or Video)

Bronze Program

One session, approx. 2.5 hours
$ 550
  • Resume Writing
  • Interviewing
  • Video Conferencing Option
  • Session Recordings (Audio or Video)

Directional Program

One session, approx. 2 hours
$ 400
  • Career directions and insights
  • Identify best fields, jobs and industries
  • Option to continue further at $200/hour
  • Prepare for Job Search phase (resumes, LinkedIn, interviews)
  • Video Conferencing Option
  • Session Recordings (Audio or Video)