Job Search Coaching for Finding a Great Fit Job

The Best Jobs are Not Advertised

Job Search Coaching from Robin Ryan
Robin’s Job Search Coaching gives you a strategic action plan.

If you are only scrolling through the job listing boards, you are missing out on many great job opportunities you won’t find there.

Did you know that the most coveted jobs almost usually never get advertised? Do you know how to find them? Do you know how to market yourself to employers so you can land the coveted jobs? Are you able to find and effectively engage a recruiter you don’t know?

Robin Ryan knows how to tap into this hidden job market. She knows how to reach recruiters, HR, and hiring managers so that they start talking to you about job opportunities inside their company. She has developed the proven strategies and techniques that have worked for thousands of others and have been the foundations of her bestselling books.

“Robin Ryan has the inside track on how to get hired.” — ABC NEWS

Find a Great Fit Job Faster than on Your Own

So whether you are unhappy in your current job, haven’t looked for a new job in years, or are unemployed, Robin’s main focus is to direct you toward finding a “great fit” job more quickly than you could ever do it yourself.

She will guide you to uncover the best opportunities. She will share insider information about companies, who is hiring, who’s not, and what it’s like to work there. She will teach you where many of the better jobs lie and how to connect with the employer and get them interested in you.

If you are unsure about your next steps, or you have hit a dead end, Robin will get you moving quickly. If you have tapped out your current network, Robin will show you how to create powerful connections inside the companies you want to work for.

“Robin Ryan offers insightful advice that gives you the competitive edge you definitely need to land a new job.” — KIRO TV

Robin Delivers an Action Plan

You only make a few major career moves over your professional lifetime, but getting the right direction from an expert like Robin will make all the difference in the successful outcome of your job search and have an enormous impact on your future.

Robin’s direction, insights, and expertise into specific companies and the hiring process will become invaluable as she helps you develop your job search action plan to land a terrific new job, at a higher salary. During this career counseling session, you will go online together as she shows you how and where to look.  You’ll see how to find employers who want someone with your skills, and how to define and advertise your personal brand to employers.

You will leave the session with a strategic action plan, with all the specifics on how to go forward to get hired faster. As well as, how to present yourself to prospective employers in the most appealing way.

“I was truly unaware of all the opportunities in the job market until Robin showed me how to find them.” — Gretchen H., Financial Services Specialist

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“Robin Ryan is the leading job search expert in America today.” — CBS Radio

Job Search Coaching Reviews for Robin

“Robin knows the strategy that works and working with her proved to be highly profitable. I just got a great job with a major salary increase.” — Scott T., National Sales Manager

“I hadn’t looked for a job in many years. Robin quickly identified the best fits, and direct me on how to find and land another job after my layoff. Thanks to her I’m now hired and very happy in my new role.” — Kathleen W., Director of Operations

“I had come to hate my job so I was really in a low period when I began my career coaching program. I must credit Robin for all her support, direction, and expertise which helped me land a terrific position, in a new city, with a much higher salary. Robin’s personal commitment to my success led me to make this major improvement in my life. I happily recommend her to anyone who wants a more fulfilling and prosperous career.” — Susan J., General Counsel

“Your coaching and strategy sessions allowed me to move ahead of the pack and land an excellent position that I could only have dreamed of getting without your help.” — Miquel R., International Marketing Manager

“Leaving the military would have proved to be a much harder transition without Robin’s advice, direction and resources. I highly recommend her.” — Mike A., Naval officer

Job Search Coaching Pricing

Job Search Coaching

$ 425
  • 90 Minute Online Session
  • Recording for your review