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Robin writes a careers and job search column for See below for a selection of her recent articles.

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How To Help Your New College Graduate Land A Job — If someone in your family has just graduated or is about to graduate — maybe a child, close relative, or even a good friend — here are tips for helping that grad get in the door and then land that first job.

LinkedIn Is Changing How Employers Hire — Here’s What You Need To Know — In today’s hot job market in which employers are struggling to fill positions, LinkedIn is playing a big role in changing how they hire.  Be ready to take advantage of this change. 

Looking To Advance Your Career? Yale Professor Tells You How — Here’s advice from a Yale School of Management professor on how to accelerate your career path.  It’s more than just gaining experience and adding accomplishments to your resume.  It involves honing your abilities to influence… 

Most Job Hunters Fail When Answering This Popular Interview Question — An HR Director at a Fortune 500 company discusses the top interview mistakes he sees.  In particular for a response to one question that most candidates fail. Are you ready for that question?

Critical Job Interview Mistake You Cannot Recover From — Too many people make this mistake during their interviews that they cannot recover from, losing the job opportunity.  Are you prepared to avoid it?

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