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Robin Ryan is a #1 Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author and also a #1 Amazon Business Bestselling Author. She has written 8 books and they can be purchase online and in bookstores.



The must-have guide to acing the interview and landing the dream job, from “America’s top career expert” (The Los Angeles Times) 60 Seconds & You're Hired! has already helped thousands of job seekers get their dream jobs by excelling in crucial interviews. America's top job search expert Robin Ryan draws on her 20 years as a career counselor, 30 years of direct hiring, and extensive contact with hundreds of recruiters, decisions makers, and HR professionals to teach you proven strategies to help you take charge of the interview process and get the job you want. Brief, compact, and packed with insightful direction to give you the cutting edge to slip past the competition, 60 Seconds & You're Hired! is here to help you succeed!

This newly revised edition features:

• Unique techniques like "The 60 Second Sell" and "The 5-Point Agenda"

• Over 125 answers to tough, tricky interview questions employers often ask

• How to handle structured or behavioral interview questions

• Questions you should always ask, and questions you should never ask

• How to deal effectively with any salary questions to preserve your negotiating power

• 20 interview pitfalls to avoid

• Proven negotiation techniques that secure higher salaries - and much more!


“Robin Ryan has the inside track on how to get hired.” —ABC News


 “A very thorough interview guide book with valuable advice for answering those tricky interview questions” --San Francisco Chronicle


“This is the MUST HAVE interview book” -


“Valuable advice on HOW to land the job.” -The Providence Journal


“Targeted and strategic--a real winner to help you land a new job." - Business Radio Network


“Remarkable book to help you ace the job interview.” - WTBQ Radio


Retirement Reinvention: Make your Next Act Your Best Act

Retirement has changed, and America’s most trusted career counselor is here to guide you through your own Retirement Reinvention “Robin Ryan is the most knowledgeable career expert in the nation today.” —PBS For twenty years, Robin Ryan has been helping clients get the most out of their careers and their lives. Now, in Retirement Reinvention, she shatters the myths of retirement. The old model of retirement is changing. The majority of retirees today are seeking fun and meaningful ways to spend their time. Full of practical advice, this thought-provoking guide offers readers a path for reinventing their own retirements, including step-by-step instructions for:

• Leaving an old career behind

• Pinpointing interests and skills

• Exploring different places to live

• Defining new, satisfying opportunities

• Finding meaningful ways to give back to your community

• Striking the right balance between work and leisure From starting a dream business to shifting to the nonprofit sector to volunteering, Robin Ryan will help you create a plan and pivot toward a future as vital as it is truly rewarding.


“Robin Ryan opens our hearts and minds to a world of possibilities. This is a superb, must-read guide for baby boomers who want nothing less than the best for their next act.” –Henry Devries,


“Robin Ryan has dedicated her career to thinking and writing about effective solutions to career challenges, and it shows in all of her books. Retirement Reinvention continues that effort successfully, and should be a must-read for everyone approaching retirement.” —Tony Lee, Vice President, Society for Human Resource Management


"Career counselor Robin Ryan offers a handy and easy-to-follow guide to shaping one’s future. . .Ryan provides ideas, quizzes, lists for each topic she covers, and comforting encouragement in this valuable resource." —Publisher's Weekly



Get the Competitive Advantage and LAND Your Dream Job!

Robin Ryan’s market-tested plan shows you how to effectively standout and appeal to employers amid age discrimination and floods of competition. 

In Over 40 & You’re Hired!, Ryan compiles twenty years of research and career counseling to inspire you to jump-start your career with a new, better-paying job. Her proven blueprint of strategies and techniques can be applied to your situation to maintain a lifetime of career success, prosperity, and achievement.


You’ll learn how to:

tap into the “hidden job market” since 80% of all jobs are never advertised

create an attention-getting resume & cover letter

use social media to advance your job search

learn what works to find jobs online

master the job interview and salary negotiations

Inspiration and motivation to foster your success!



"Ryan has the right formula for boomers to overcoming age discrimination, mountains of competitions and get hired." -- Business Radio Network


"Superb! Robin Ryan's a brilliant mentor guiding you through the hiring maze to surpass your goals and profoundly impact your life in the most positive of ways." -Stephen R. Covey, author, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People


"If you use Robin Ryan’s advice, you definitely fly by the competition." -- KING-TV News


"Robin Ryan is the leading job search expert in America today." -CBS Radio


“Over 40 & You’re Hired is an important book on how to navigate the job market and achieve success.” –Dallas Morning News



  “Winning Resumes”


–  “Top Career  Book of the Year” – San Francisco Chronicle


“Absolutely the most useful guidebook out there on writing resumes.”  - San Jose Mercury News


 “Top-notch – I used it myself.” – Debbie Sawell, HR Manager


  "I highly recommend you follow Ryan’s formula to create an appealing and successful resume and cover letter that hiring managers WILL notice." Paul Paladies, Executive Recruiter




“My dream job called after I mailed my first resume and cover letter. I landed the job and owe it all to Robin Ryan’s effective techniques.” -Marianne Jones, nonprofit manager


"By far, this is the best book ever written on writing cover letters."-Sandy Dehan, HR Manager


  “Outstanding Resource!” --Natalie Monroe, VP of Recruitment + Staffing


"This book is THE AUTHORITY on writing a cover letter. It helped me get my new job, which is why I give it my highest endorsement.” -- John Hurst, Sr. HR Manager






"Awesome advice on advancing your career.” – Beth Salaguinto, Human Resource Manager


 “As CEO of your own career, applying the savvy advice in this book will give you the competitive advantage to soar.”  -Sunny Kobe Cook, INC Magazine’s Woman Entrepreneur of the Year


“A life-enhancing book that will transform your career to move up, up, UP!” -Molly Lavik, MBA Professor, Pepperdine University 


“A must read book to insure your career success and get more satisfaction from your job” -Kenny Moore, Director of Human Resources


What to do with the rest of your lifeWHAT TO DO WITH THE REST OF YOUR LIFE


"Robin Ryan is America’s top Career Counselor.” -Houston Chronical
There's no greater challenge than finding a job you can really love. By following Robin Ryan's thorough, thoughtful advice, you'll greatly increase the odds of succeeding in your quest.”
Top Notch ” -New Texas Magazine
 “Insightful and oh so helpful in my quest to make a major career change.” -Laura Carr, Business Analyst
 “Robin Ryan’s advice, strategies and crucial information proves to be the right formula to find a new career." - St. Louis Post-Dispatch

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