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Winning Resumes BookYou have 15 seconds to impress an employer with your resume, is your resume ready to do that?


Robin writes proven Resumes and CVs that get interviews! She understands that writing your resume for you is a specialized expertise. The San Francisco Chronicle selected Robin’s #1 Wall Street Journal bestselling book Winning Resumes, as the top career book of the year. It is full of her clients’ resumes that Robin wrote that got each client interviews and ultimately helped each one land a great new job.


Throughout her career, Robin has written over 5000 resumes. She knows what employers want to see and will develop your customized resume so that you stand out and employers take notice. She has over 30 years of direct hiring experience and has taught resume writing to HR folks looking to advance their own careers.


“Robin Ryan is America’s Top Career Coach” —


According to Forbes, job seekers are 40% more likely to get noticed by hiring managers with a professionally written resume. •

Your resume is a critical part of your self-marketing and it has an enormous impact on your success. Creating a superb resume or CV for you is how Robin can help you get employers to call you. Of course, you can use a cookie cutter template and hope for the best...but that’s what everyone else is doing. Robin doesn’t do that. She customizes each resume she writes for her clients.

Your Resume Job Search Strategy Must Be Different in the Digital Age.

A resume used to be a summary of your work history. You would send it in to an employer and hear back from a representative quickly. Today your resume (and your LinkedIn profile) must personally brand you and capture the reader’s attention quickly and standout amongst stiff competition. Robin will ensure your resume notes your key results, achievements, core competencies and strengths. In addition, she’ll add in the keywords essential to get your resume to make it through the employer’s electronic applicant software so you will be noticed.

 A great resume is what wins the most competitive job interviews. It encompasses superior writing and a style that captures employers’ interest. Time and time again, it’s a proven fact that Robin’s professionally written resumes get more interviews for the more coveted positions.


“Robin Ryan is America’s Top Job Search Expert.” – Boston Globe


Cover Letter

In a national survey of 600 employers, 96% selected Robin Ryan’s cover letter formula as their preferred style. 96%!

You know that employers expect a well-written cover letter but did you know that in today’s market that if you write one that is influential enough it can get you an interview? Your letter is the first thing a prospective employer will see. Robin’s expertise is well displayed in her #1 Wall Street Best Selling Book Winning Cover Letters.

Your New Cover Letter will be tailored to the type of job you are applying for to get the employers attention to call you up for an interview.

“Robin Ryan is the top job search expert in the nation today.” --NPR Radio


resume writing service Robin Ryan



The resume consultation session involves a lengthy telephone call lasting approximately three hours. After that, Robin will take up to three more hours to complete writing your new resume.

Turnaround time: you’ll receive your new resume on the same day as your appointment. Then, you will have time to review it and then she will make any final changes or additions so you can immediately use your new, improved resume to start getting employers to call you in for interviews.





Who are Robin’s typical resume clients?

Robin has worked with thousands of individuals from almost all fields and industries including: C-level, executives, general counsel, professionals, MBAs, professors, executive directors, managers, doctors, lawyers, accountants, IT professionals, educators, HR, sales, marketing, middle management, engineers, those re-entering the workforce, career changers and new grads.

What are Robin’s areas of expertise?

  • Executives
  • Professionals
  • Technology
  • Engineering
  • Business
  • Human Resources
  • Sales, Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Communications, Journalism + PR
  • Social Media + Digital Content
  • Film, TV, Broadcasting
  • Healthcare, Bio Tech, Pharma
  • Financial Services, Accounting, Finance
  • Corporate Counsel – legal
  • MBAs
  • Manufacturing
  • Operations
  • Supply Chain
  • Education
  • Non-profit
  • Career Change
  • Executive Assistant
  • New grads/Entry Level

“Robin's resume preparation enables all to present themselves in a most favorable light. I highly recommend her.” -- Dennis Gage, Recruiter, Procter & Gamble



Resume and CV writing fee: $1050.00

Resume and cover letter $1300

Resume and LinkedIn Profile $1300

Resume and Cover Letter + LinkedIn Profile $1450


Resume/LinkedIn Updates for Returning Clients: Robin offers a discount rate to past clients who need their most recent positions added to their resumes/LinkedIn profiles. Contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more details.


Give yourself the unrivaled advantage over your competition. 

Work with Robin to get hired faster for the job you really want!

Email us now at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or Call now: 425.226.0414


“Robin’s help with my resume got employers to notice me. I just accepted a new job and the money is considerably better than my old position.” Ray Rose, Senior HR Manager, AT&T


“Just want to THANK YOU for your great work on developing my resume. I've landed a very well-paid IT position. I know for sure that it is the resume that you wrote for me that opened the door to this opportunity.” -- Kevin Liu, Project Manager


“My dream job called after I mailed my first resume and cover letter. I landed the job and owe it all to Robin Ryan’s effective techniques.” -Marianne Jones, Program Manager


“No one responded to my resume until I worked with Robin and then ten employers called from the first dozen I sent out. Her coaching helped me landed a terrific new job in no time. ”— Jack Brinbach, Operations Manager


“I sent my new “Robin-improved” resume out and the next morning I was called in for an interview by the hiring manager. My new resume gave me the edge I needed it to land the position.” --Brenda Scott, Marketing Communications Specialist


"When you build a better resume job interviewers will beat a path to your door – at least that was the results I found after working with Robin on my successful job search.”— Ethan Patashnik, Finance Manager


“"No one responded to my resume until I worked with Robin Ryan and then the employers started calling. Her coaching helped me land a terrific new job in no time.” -- Bob Cowan, Director of Engineering


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