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Looking for a New Job or Promotion?
Robin Ryan helps Professionals, Managers and Executives GET HIRED FAST!
“Robin Ryan has the inside track on how to get hired.” – ABC NEWS
  • Oprah
  • Dr.Phil
  • PBS

    Robin has spent the last 25 years having helped thousands of people like you land a new, high paying job. A career counselor that the San Francisco Chronicle refers to as “America’s leading authority on job search and hiring”, Robin Ryan has appeared on over 2000 TV and Radio shows including Oprah, Dr. Phil, CNN, ABC News, and NPR. Her advice appears in: the Wall Street Journal, USA Today and The NY Times.

    Whether you need help with a career change, job search guidance, LinkedIn assistance, resume writing or interview coaching,  Robin can provide the expertise you need. Shouldn’t YOU be paid the highest salary possible? Robin will guide you on how to secure a significant salary increase from your new job or promotion.

     “Robin Ryan is America’s Top Job Search Expert.” – Boston Globe

    Work With Robin - One-on-One -  to land your dream job 

    • Improve your Resume + Cover Letter
    • Ace your Next Interview
    • Create a LinkedIn profile so recruiters contact you
    • Know how to maximize your Salary  

    Robin is available to work directly with you sharing her expertise and hiring insight to insure you get noticed by employers to secure your new job – typically at a much higher salary.   Partner with Robin today to LAND your NEXT  JOB FAST!

    "No one responded to my resume until I worked with Robin Ryan and then ten employers called. Her coaching helped me land a terrific new job in no time.”  -- Bob Cowan, Director of Engineering

    “Robin, you proved to me that you are as good as you advertise. Your resume and interviewing help allowed me to move on after my layoff into an exciting new position.”  — Joan Westby, VP Human Resources

    “I would not have made it through the tough interview process and gotten my promotion if it weren’t for Robin’s expertise and guidance.”  --Grace Gyraszi, Project Manager

     “Robin’s help enabled me to quickly land a great new job with a multi-thousand dollar salary increase.” – Mike Slattery, Software Engineer

     “I was a final candidates a couple times but didn’t get the job until I worked with Robin. Now have a fabulous new job that I just love!” – Lisa Ray, Accountant

    “I landed the perfect job for me and all of Robin’s help and coaching had everything to do with it.” -- Rick Thompson, Director of Curriculum and Instruction

     “Thanks to Robin Ryan I entered my final interview confident, poised, focused and PREPARED. Needless to say, I got the job!” -- Joyce Papke, City Manager, Medina

    “Robin’s Resume and LinkedIn help opened doors for me. Her Interview guidance sealed the deal and I land a terrific new position.” –Rod Rabideau Sales Rep

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