LinkedIn Photo Tips To Look Your Best

LinkedIn Photo Tips

“It’s astounding how many people have a really poor photo of themselves on LinkedIn. It is so unprofessional,” said Sophia, an HR Specialist I had a recent discussion with. “I see so many people who pick any old picture to put up. I guess they don’t see themselves like we view that image. It should […]

Best Way To Open An Interview To Secure A Job Offer

How to Open an Interview

“We would like you to come in for an interview.” Those wonderful words are what every job hunter wants to hear. Kathy, 55, an HR Manager, called me immediately after she got off the phone with the recruiter. She said, “This job opportunity is ideal for me. I’ve been inside my company for the last […]

Employers Ignoring Your Resume? 5 Mistakes To Avoid

Are employers ignoring your resume?

I just worked with Dave, a Baby Boomer client who had his resume written by a service, and they made his resume look sharp, eye-catching, colorful, and very creative in appeal. Unfortunately, he said, “I’ve gotten no results. What’s wrong?” Sadly, a great deal. On examination, the resume writer didn’t have any experience understanding how […]

Cover Letters Are Now Essential To Standout to Employers — Here’s an Example

Today’s job market is very competitive, so you need a way to stand out. “The biggest mistake many job hunters are currently making is that they skip writing a cover letter when sending off a resume,” says Jim, a 61-year-old AT&T Human Resource Manager. Cover letters are very influential, and a well-written letter can grab […]

17 LinkedIn Profile Writing Tips To Make You Standout

LinkedIn Profile Writing Tips To Make You Standout

Today, my first phone call was from a Baby Boomer who asked if she really needs a LinkedIn profile? She was not job hunting, and she didn’t realize that employees, customers, clients, and other colleagues might be checking her out. “Oh no,” she replied. “No one will be impressed if they see what I have […]

Avoid These Job Interview Mistakes That Turn Employers Off

Are you underestimating how challenging online job interviewing is? Tim was. In the last year, this Baby Boomer had gone on 10 executive-level interviews and lost out on every one of those jobs. He sought me out for an interviewing coaching session, saying “I’m zero for ten and so I need help as I’m obviously […]

21 Ways to Improve Your Resume

Your resume needs to get through the applicant tracking system and then get selected by the recruiter or HR person doing the initial screening. When your resume finally makes into someone’s hands, it typically gets just a 15 second glance according Human Resources and hiring managers. 15 Seconds! You have got to garner their interest […]

Clinch The Job Writing A Persuasive Interview Thank You Email

Write a thank you email after an interview

Yesterday I was finishing up an Interview Coaching session with a Baby Boomer client when she asked, “What should I do about a thank you note? Are they still a thing? How do I mail one or do I need to use email? “ I was empathic that you must send a thank-you email right […]