HR Reveals What You Should (and Shouldn’t) Wear to a Job Interview

A frequent question that comes up when I’m teaching Job Interview Skills is, “What should I wear to the interview?” A recent class I led had a few Baby Boomers, both men and women, saying that with the business causal environment, they wondered what does “professional look like?” One student said, “Clothes don’t matter anymore. You […]

Here Is A LinkedIn Secret Weapon To Land A Job

Here is a LinkedIn secret weapon for landing a job.

Kathleen contacted me because this baby boomer needed career assistance. Her husband had gotten an executive position in a new state, and they were moving halfway across the country for his opportunity. That meant that she was going to be leaving her program manager position behind as the job had was only part-time after the […]

How To Create An Impressive LinkedIn Personal Brand

Creating an Impressive LinkedIn Personal Brand

Not everyone using LinkedIn is looking for a job. Today, John sought my help as he is the CEO and Founder of his own company. His goal was to take the skeleton profile he’d had up for years and make it a fantastic marketing tool for himself, mentioning his products and service. This is done […]

Answers To Tough Employer Job Interview Questions

Answers To Tough Employer Job Interview Questions

“Interviews seemed to be a lot harder than I remember,” says Nick, a Baby Boomer executive who called for Interview Prep Coaching. “I was so unprepared for some of their very difficult questions. I know I blew it.” With more employers hiring and more jobs being listed every day, the interview piece of the hiring […]

Age Discrimination Worries? Resume Changes You Should Make

Age Discrimination Worries? How to Update Your Resume

“I’m over 60 and I worry that I’m not landing a job because of my age,” said Ann, a Senior HR Director who called me seeking resume writing and LinkedIn Profile writing help. “I have been in HR my whole career,” she continued. “I know that age discrimination is a real issue. No, it’s not […]

How To Hire A Resume Writer And Not Get Duped

This article was originally published in Sarah called today because she said her friend’s friend in HR recommended me. She had previously paid $500 to have her resume “professionally written.” She lost her job back in March. To date, she has not had one response from the resume. The company that created it blamed […]

What Employers Want To See In Your Resume And Most People Aren’t Doing It

What employers want to see in your resume.

Resume Writing is never easy. You must understand how to craft your resume to quickly grab an employer’s attention in 20 seconds or less. Most people make this critical mistake. They write long, drawn-out job descriptions. This revelation came as a surprise to several of the Baby Boomers in my resume writing class. Jeff spoke […]

Time To Update Your Resume — Here’s One Secret To Use

Time to update your resume.

Valerie, 59, is a human resources manager, working at a prominent company, who had asked for my help in writing her resume. She said, “I think now is the right time to polish up my resume. I see resumes all the time. Thousands have passed through my hands, but when it comes to writing my […]

Resume Quiz To See If Employers Will Respond To Your Resume

Take this resume quiz.

Writing a persuasive resume is challenging for most people. Yet, a top-quality resume that effectively sells your skills and accomplishments to an employer is essential to your success. Is yours good enough to grab a recruiter’s attention? Employers report that when candidates apply for a job, many send in a resume that will never get […]