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How College Grads Can Land a New Job FAST


You hear about the great jobs that accounting majors and engineers are offered upon graduation, but what about the majority of college students who graduate with a Liberal Arts degree? With 3.8 million new grads entering the workplace, 99% of those are Liberal arts majors. Are all those Psychology, English and History majors doomed to a long job search?


Today’s employers look for certain “soft skills” and actively want to hire people who have these strengths. A recent hiring survey revealed that 80% of all hiring managers stated they could not find people with soft skills, specifically: writing and speaking clearly, listening, collaborating with others and my favorite, showing up on time. Interpersonal skills are important along with problem solving abilities that most new grads don’t address in an interview. Many Millennials spend so much time online they fail to perfect eye contact when speaking, or know when to shake hands, or aren’t savvy enough to send a thank you after a job interview.


What to Sell to Employers

Most new grads often have little or no actual job experience, but have acquired the desired soft skills. Where do students get these “soft skills?” In college from doing projects and team work, or from summer jobs. Often it’s your retail job or fast food experience that shows how you have learned and displayed soft skills, which can land you that first job once you graduate. Think about the time management skills you learned when the workload is busy. Employers love to hear you’ve worked collaboratively in a team environment.


Grads have the ability to master these soft skills and create a resume that would grab an employer’s attention. Also, grads must learn to network and be able to hold a conversation with a hiring manager discussing these skills and how they relate to the open postion.


How You Find a Job

It’s important to note that 63% of all jobs are found through networking according to the Department of Labor. Yet Millennials hate using this job hunting technique. In my mind, that’s a fatal mistake. Through networking they find out who is hiring, learn about jobs they might enjoy, plus meet managers and have them get to know the graduate. Parents can be supportive by encouraging networking and setting up meetings with their friends and colleagues.


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